Sunday, June 24, 2012

TFT HK Monday Update!

Good Monday to you!

Our "green wine" tasting event was a great success this weekend. Thank you to Wesley and David, everyone else at Spike's Wine Cellar, and all the oenophiles/TFT HK supporters who attended! Guests tasted ten wines, and decided which ones will be up on the Spike's site, with the TFT HK stamp of approval. We'll update you with the results, and which sustainable wines you can buy from Spike's, with a portion of the proceeds going to TFT HK! Here are a few photos:

Wine, wine everywhere! We tasted ten varieties

Thank you to our partners at Spike's Cellar!

Happy guests
Thanks to all who came out!
Which wines will get the TFT HK stamp of approval?
Enjoy the day! Tomorrow we'll have a post from the part of the TFT family in Japan, so stay tuned.

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