Sunday, July 29, 2012

TFT HK Monday Update: Healthy Summer Dining Experience Launch!

Lovely HK food bloggers (from left to right):
Janice Leung, Ale Wilkinson, Patricia Li, Angie Palmer

Joining TFT HK on the launch: 
Janice Leung of 
Ale Wilkinson of
Angie Palmer of

We kicked off our TFT HK Healthy Summer Dining Experience (HSDE) this past weekend by piling into a van with four of Hong Kong's premiere food bloggers and dropping by some of our lovely partner restaurants.  Genie Concept, Grassroots Pantry, Light Radiant Food, Mana! Fast Slow Food, Teakha, and the Flying Winemaker - among the 9 wonderful businesses that round out our August partners - supplied us with tastes of the TFT branded drinks/dishes, and chatted to us about their offerings.  Our partner restaurants care about their food's source and nutritional content, as well as the waste they produce. We're grateful to them and excited that they'll be joining TFT to help Hong Kong people be healthier, and to ensure that students in our partner schools in Qinghai, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, and South Africa receive nourishing school lunches. 

When we visited Light Radiant Food, owner Stephanie Ng said, "I people to come in, eat, and leave feeling better," a sentiment we know all of our partner restaurants would second.  And when you purchase a healthy Table for Two meal from our partners, you're taking care of your own health, as well as that of a child in a developing country - everyone wins!

Thank you to Janice, Ale, Patricia, and Angie, as well as all of the restaurants taking part in HSDE! We'll be posting about the dishes at our partner restaurants, and about our Facebook contest over the month of August but here's a sneak peak!
Kale and pineapple juice at Genie

Quinoa salad and hand-drawn menus at Grassroots Pantry

Black Bean Veggie Burger and salad at Light Radiant

Janice nom noms on the Mana! Mezze Platter
Ladies (from left to right: Patricia Li, Janice Leung, Ale Wilkinson, TFT's Steph Tan)
 at the Flying Winemaker
Teakha Lemon Cream Tart

Participating Restaurants:

Light Radiant Food

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  1. Great post and great project!
    Just tried Light's black bean burger: wow!!! Thanks for sharing this peaceful place with delicious food.