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Local Buzz: Dr. James Costello, of Stephen James Luxury Organics talks Quantum calories on HuffPost (PART TWO)!

Note from the Editor: Doctor James Costello, of Stephen James Luxury Organics (and a dear friend of TFT HK!), has written a fascinating pair of articles for HuffPost, detailing the reasons that the calorie is an inadequate measure of a food's energetic worth. He proposes the idea of a "quantum calorie," a measurement of food's energy built upon the Quantum model, in which "consciousness informs everything first, and the Universe springs to life out of delight in itself." This post, titled "The Quantum Calorie" is the companion piece to last week's "Burn the Calorie". Thank you to you to James for allowing us to reprint the article! Drs. James and Stephen Costello are the creators of  Stephen James Luxury Organics, a company "based on the philosophy of creating abundant personal energy through the consumption of highly mineralized and nutritious whole foods created with maximum life energetics.Their products (we at TFT HK are fans of  everything they make, but our favorites are Beauty BarVolcanic Pili nutssaffron-pink Himalayan salt, and Carazuc!) are raw, organic, and delicious.  You can support their great work and advocacy of  healthy people and planet by checking out their website and Facebook page:

"If you want to find the secret of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." -- Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) Inventor of the Radio and Alternating Current
Our Quantum Calorie must measure intelligence. We are aware today that living entities vibrate with discreet frequencies of organized energy. This includes real food, which is originally organized by plants as they harness the energy of the sun in the miraculous process of photosynthesis. The energy of living plants and animals is transferred to us when we consume them. 
The assimilation of food in our bodies is a miracle of receiving and distributing information. Linear left brain thinkers since Descartes have assumed that the human body is just a machine into which we put burnable bricks of fuel calories which then make the machine run. But there exist intelligent systems in our bodies that we are barely aware of and take totally for granted. A diet rich in highly vibrating information-dense food will provide nutrition most optimally keyed to our body's ability to cleanly process.
We know that something happens biologically when we heat food beyond the boiling point of water for any appreciable time. As Dr. Masaru Emoto has demonstrated, water has its own intelligence, it is highly impressionable and carries messages. In heating beyond boiling point, water dissociates and information is lost. We might say that past 212°F (100°C) water loses its self-recognition point. If consciousness is the matrix, heating much past boiling exceeds the point of coherence of sentient materials. 
Heated beyond boiling, the complex structures of the cells' carbohydrates, fats and proteins begin to collapse and fold over upon themselves. As molecular systems collapse, they lose intelligence. These new entities no longer vibrate with the same intensity or frequency of the original. Structural decomposition makes them inert. In Lavoisier's mechanical model, this does not matter; they can still be burnt as some kind of fuel. But from a quantum physical view, it absolutely does. 
Our bodies must go to great lengths to try to discern how to make use of inert, low frequency food. Like a catalyst in a reaction, if the key does not fit into the ignition, the machine won't start. The reaction proceeds imperfectly and begins to move the system into another direction, toward composting. 
Our own dear mother used to bake broccoli in her famous "casserole" in the oven at 450°F, and it made it to our plates as blanched mush. When we compare this to broccoli steamed for 3 minutes and intense with color as it reaches our plate, we acknowledge an example of structural decomposition of food and its frequency change.

Water boils at sea level at 212°F; processed flour experiences temperatures of 400°F, table salt 290°F; French fries are boiled in oil at 350°F. 

Italian-born Hong Kong celebrity chef and accomplished triathlete Andrea Oschetti says "Ingredients keep the same calorie load as I cook them but they change in how good they are for our body. Raw olive oil is very healthy, but if I cook with it at high temperature it becomes transfat, an enemy of our body. The cooking techniques are so much more important than the calorie count. A chef can heal or poison by the way he cooks". 
Real food is a balance of sun, earth, wind and water in the matrix of consciousness. Consciousness holds these elements in balance in our food, facilitated by the memory and cohesive energy of light and water, which give it intelligence. Quantum calories are organized, have high frequency and carry light energy. They come in our food when it is raw or steamed or boiled for some time, but are dumbed down when heated to high temperatures and exposed to the chemicals we use in processing. The resulting food-like substances have lost their capacity to transfer intelligence into our cells. Real food has a coherent relationship with consciousness. It knows what it is and your body knows how to resonate with it and receive benefits from it. 
In the quantum light of the 21st century, we wish to propose this whole calorie counting silliness come to an end. Let's create a better model to guide us to a true measure of our metabolic requirements and intake. 
The next time you wonder "How many calories are in that?", think twice. If they're quantum calories, it may not matter.

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