Thursday, July 26, 2012

Announcement: TFT HK's Healthy Summer Dining Experience begins August 1st!

TFT HK is proud to announce its upcoming August campaign: the TFT HK Healthy Summer Dining Experience (HSDE)! In the month of August, we have 9 very special partner restaurants that will be selling 9 very special TFT HK dishes. When you stop in at these partner restaurants - Mana! Fast Slow Food, Veggie SF, FoFo by El Wily, Pure Bar + Restaurant, the Flying Winemaker, Genie, Teakha, Light Radiant Food, and Grassroots Pantry - and purchase the TFT HK dish, part of the proceeds will help us to provide school lunches for the deserving kids at our partner schools in Qinghai, China; Rwanda; Uganda; Ethiopia; and South Africa.

That's not the complete HSDE, though! After you buy (and before you eat) your delicious, healthy TFT HK dish, take a picture of it and upload it to our Facebook page! Then, share it with you friends: for each restaurant, the person whose photo gets the most "likes" by the end of August will win a fabulous prize! All you have to do it eat, take, share, and win! On Monday, we'll have photos from our HDSE launch, and on August 1st, you can get started on your own healthy dining experience!!  Our next blog post will feature the HDSE map, our partner restaurants' TFT dishes, and the exciting prizes up for grabs! THANK YOU to all of our partner restaurants, and to our media partner, Localiiz! 

Enjoy HDSE and remember: Order for one. Feed two. And help the world eat better.

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