Sunday, August 5, 2012

TFT HK Monday Update!

Video created for TFT HK by Open Classroom's Young Leaders of Tomorrow

Good morning and happy Monday!

Recently, TFT HK was invited to take part in Open Classroom's "Young Leaders of Tomorrow" (YLOT) and "Leadership in Action" programs.  To introduce the bright, driven students participating in these programs to the state of our world food systems, Open Classroom and TFT HK first had them run through a Global Food Imbalance Simulation, created by talented HKIS student (and graduate of the "Young Leaders of Tomorrow" program) Kristofer Siy.  Kristofer was on hand to facilitate the first official run of this exciting educational game.

After the simulation, the YLOT participants were asked to put together visual presentations, to raise awareness of the issues TFT HK addresses, and to urge the adoption of TFT programs in their respective schools.  The "Leaders in Action" participants created and ran a fundraiser, the proceeds of which were donated to Theatre Noir, Hong Kong Honey, and Table for Two HK. Below are a few photos (courtesy of Open Classroom) from the Open Classroom programs, and above is the video created by some of the "Young Leaders of Tomorrow". Thank you to Open Classroom administrators Agnes Kong and Yvonne Chu, Kristofer Siy, and all of the Open Classroom students, for your involvement with and support of Table for Two! And thank you to Grassroots Pantry for donating a gift voucher for the raffle at the "Leaders in Action" fundraiser!

"Young Leaders of Tomorrow" at the Global Food Imbalance Simulation run
Open Classroom's "Young Leaders of Tomorrow" and TFT HK team members
"Leaders in Action" student presenting the TFT HK mission
TFT HK's Robin with Kristofer Siy
and the young winner of the Grassroots Pantry gift voucher!

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