Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Healthy Summer Dining Experience: Veggie SF

For the next eight days, we're highlighting our Healthy Summer Dining Experience partners, the TFT dishes they are featuring for the month of August, and the prizes YOU can win by entering our HSDE (contest)! Don't forget to EAT (a delicious TFT HDSE meal/drink), TAKE (a picture of the item and upload it to our Facebook page), and SHARE (the photo with friends and ask them to "like" it), so you can WIN (one of nine incredible prizes, one for the most "liked" photo taken at each HDSE partner restaurant)!

Veggie SF is a "San Francisco in the 50's" themed restaurant, serving internationally inspired vegetarian cuisine. This quirky, vibrant vegetarian haven is located at 11 Stanley St. (10F) and is serving up the "Oakland Breeze" ($98) as its TFT HDSE entree: Vietnamese-style vermicelli with fried tofu and skewers! If you upload your photo of  the"Oakland Breeze"you order, you may win a free appetizer from Veggie SF! See below for a picture of the dish! Thank you to Bess and everyone at Veggie SF!!

Photo by TFT supporter Joan Shang

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