Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Healthy Summer Dining Experience: Light Radiant Food

For the next few days, we're highlighting our Healthy Summer Dining Experience partners, the TFT dishes they are featuring for the month of August, and the prizes YOU can win by entering our HSDE (contest)! Don't forget to EAT (a delicious TFT HDSE meal/drink), TAKE (a picture of the item and upload it to our Facebook page), and SHARE (the photo with friends and ask them to "like" it), so you can WIN (one of nine incredible prizes, one for the most "liked" photo taken at each HDSE partner restaurant)!

Light Radiant
photo by Ale Wilkinson, of The Dim Sum Diaries
Light Black Bean Veggie Burger
photo by Ale Wilkinson, of The Dim Sum Diaries

Light Radiant Food is a sweet vegetarian cafe on the corner of Eastern and Second Streets whose owner, Stephanie Ng, is dedicated to bringing whole, unprocessed, plant-based food to the Hong Kong community.  Her offerings include a hearty and delicious black bean veggie burger, which she's chosen as her TFT HDSE dish! The burger is dressed with verde sauce and pickled chinese zucchini, and can be purchased for $88 at lunch (includes salad) and $110 at dinner (includes salad, coffee/tea). The person who takes and uploads the most "Liked" picture of the Light veggie burger will win dinner for two at Light Radiant! Thank you, Stephanie and Light Radiant!

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