Sunday, September 23, 2012

TFT HK Monday Update: "Garden of Lovely"

 Yesterday's "Garden of Lovely" was a resounding success, with community members coming out from all over Hong Kong to create a spontaneous, playful art "garden", listen to acoustic music, learn about growing food in the city, and hear about how various groups are helping lead the way to a more  sustainable, environmentally-conscious Hong Kong.  During the "Garden Enviro-Symposium", representatives from TFT HK, Bonza Pie, Friends of the Earth, urban farming organization Time to Grow, Ocean Recovery Alliance, and Clean Air Network were asked about what currently inspires (Hong Kong people's apparent readiness for change, and enthusiasm for new sustainability initiatives) and frustrates (lack of infrastructure for recycling, waste of food and non-edible materials, excess of air conditioning in malls, unhealthily polluted ocean waters) them about Hong Kong, and gave insight into the ways that each of their organizations are celebrating and supporting a sustainable future.  Here are a couple of photos from this inspiring and whimsical event! Thanks to Localiiz and Bonza Pie for inviting TFT to take part!

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