Sunday, December 30, 2012

TFT Japan Food Team Post: Studies for Food Store Provisions to be Prepared for Emergencies and Natural Disasters

Studies for Food Store Provisions to be Prepared for Emergencies and Natural Disasters
Author: Shoko Ohno, National Certified Dietitian and a pro bono TABLE FOR TWO staff member

I took a practical training class in public health nutrition today, about what constitutes adequate food stock provisions in case of emergency, with a projection of 3-day-continuity, 3 meals a day. The amount of food shown in the above picture is only enough for two adult people, providing each person with 1600kcal a day, nutritional balance, and ease of cooking. Also, after the earthquake and tsunami in March of 2011, it has been found throughout that evacuees have rare chance to have the chance to move around and maintain a health level of physical exercise during disasters, due to the disrupted natural environment and consequent safety issues. The course instructor recommended that evacuees ration their daily allowance by making one meal smaller, preferably consuming less food for supper in comparison to that eaten for breakfast and lunch.

I was quite surprised by today’s practice and presentation. Looking at the amount we need to maintain decent daily life during a disaster, I realize that my stores are too small. By taking this course, I was reminded how empty all the hypermarkets' food sections were during the disaster of March 2011. We would all be well advised to be well prepared, so that we will not have to worry in times of need.

New Partner Announcement: Secret Ingredient!

Happy almost-2013, TFT supporters! 

We're proud to announce that we have an amazing new partner: Secret Ingredient! Secret Ingredient is Hong Kong's first "Ready to Cook" Delivery service. You choose a recipe online and they deliver all the ingredients pre-chopped for you to cook at home in less than 30 minutes. They provide balanced meals for the busy professional, the family, and dinner parties. 

Check out the gorgeous SI-TFT dish: Poached Salmon with Watercress Sauce and a New Baby Potato and Green Bean Salad. Thank you for your partnership and dedication to healthy eating in HK, Secret Ingredient!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Work for TFT HK!

If you are passionate and looking to make a real difference in our world by addressing global food imbalance or world hunger, we have an opportunity for you! We are looking for 1 or 2 part-time Executive Director(s). Please go to our website (the following link) to read details and application instructions: