Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meet TFT HK's Newest Chef Ambassador, Andrea Oschetti!

TFT HK is proud to announce that its newest Chef Ambassador is private chef Andrea Oschetti! Andrea is the Cuore Private Chef. He specializes in the cuisine of his native land, Italy, and is dedicated to creating truly memorable food experiences for his clients, educating the public about healthy eating and an active lifestyle, and celebrating food culture and history where ever his extensive travels take him.  He describes the development of his values and attitude regarding food on his website:
 "What you do is memorable, when you put your heart into it"
This is what grandma Elda, kept telling me when as a young boy I spent long afternoons in the warmth of her stoves. I remember waiting with anticipation for the week when she prepared the tomato sauce for the whole year. Her home was full of tomato baskets, empty bottles that need to be sterilized in boiling water, and the pots where the precious sauce was cooking for long hours. My help was much in demand and I was excused to have tomato all over my clothes: happy days. I grew up in the kitchen: the afternoons after school at my grandma's, the evenings helping my mom, who despite a long day at work never failed to prepare a fresh dinner for the family, the sundays with my dad who after church prepared fresh pasta and his roast. 
Italians are in love with their food. We are blessed by an abundance of it by mother nature; cooking it with passion is what makes italian food special and, we believe, our life happier. 
This past Monday, Andrea treated the TFT HK team to an incredible meal at his home. The Flying Winemaker, Eddie McDougall, joined the feast and generously paired his delicious wines perfectly with each dish. Thank you to Andrea and Eddie! We look forward to working with both of you, to help fight the global food imbalance!

Chef Andrea, hard at work

Smoked Tuna, Raw Langoustine, Sun dried Tomato
Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta with Bottarga
Beef Tagliata with Baby Spinach Balsamic Reduction
Raw Truffles from Mana! with Fresh Berries

Ready to feast!
Chef Andrea, his lovely wife, and the Flying Winemaker with team TFT HK!

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