Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcome to the TFT HK blog!

Hi there world!

This is the official Table for Two Hong Kong blog, and I'm your blog editor, Miya. This blog is a way for the TFT Hong Kong team to stay connected to you, the TFT supporter (thank you!) or person interested in the TFT mission, global and local food systems, and food and nutrition in general. We at TFT HK want to be a source of food and food system news, and to keep you updated on our progress and events here in Hong Kong.

A bit about us: Table for Two was begun in Japan in October 2007, by founder Masa Kogure, and throughout the development of chapters in the US, Hong Kong, and beyond (TFT currently operates in Japan, the US, the UK, Switzerland, Italy, India, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong), our motto has remained simple: "Order for one. Feed two. And help the world eat better." We seek to correct global food imbalance with initiatives that simultaneously help alleviate hunger in the developing world and combat obesity in the developed one.  We encourage those in the developed world to eat with a conscience, by giving them the chance to order healthy, TFT-branded food at food establishments (restaurants, corporate cafeterias, universities and schools, government offices, convenience stores, etc.) that partner with us. Our generous partners tack a HK$2 (US25 cents), charge onto these items; and that small, but important donation goes directly toward funding nutritious school lunches for children in schools in the developing world (here in Hong Kong, we partner with schools in China, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Uganda). To date, TFT has sold over 12.5 million meals globally--that's 12.5 million meals shared, because when you dine with TFT, you never dine alone!

TFT HK was launched in November 2011, by philanthropically-minded food lovers Katy Yung and Stephanie Tan. We're now partnering with many restaurants in Hong Kong; so keep your eyes peeled for those TFT menu items, and we'll keep you updated with our current list of partners! We're also in the process of ramping up our operations, outreach and educational initiatives, so please stay tuned. We're always happy to hear from you, and you can let us know what you're thinking via this blog (all comments welcome!), email, Facebook, and Twitter.  Let's all work together to eat more mindfully, and commit to improving our global and local food systems together!

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